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Welcome to the Classmates Page

Springtown High School

Past and Current



This page is where you can find information regarding your classmates from the past or in the current.  I have several sections that you can jump to. 

In the Classmates Message Board you will be able to post messages.  This is great if you want post a message and find someone, see where your classmates are, or carry on a conversation with the group or individuals.  

The Reunion Pages is set up to provide information on the latest class reunion being scheduled or put together.  I am not sure who is in charge from the respective graduating classes of scheduling reunions but I will try and have a listing posted here so you would know who to contact.

If you want you pic listed here then send me your .jpg or .gif file with your name, your grade in the picture, and the year you graduated.  Please make the pic size 60K or less.  I can crop smaller to fit on the page. E-mail address:  schoolpic@springtown.net



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4th Grade

CLASS 1940 - 49
No Plans

CLASS 1950 - 59
No Plans

CLASS 1960 - 69
See Announcements

CLASS 1970 - 79
See Announcements

CLASS 1980 - 89
See Announcements

CLASS 1990 - 98
See Announcements

You will find here announcements for upcoming class reunions or class get togethers. 

If you have something scheduled please click on the link above to add or view what is scheduled.  We have many individuals local and out of state that would be interested in knowing what is being planned.

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12th Grade

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2nd Grade

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12 Grade
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Your pic here