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Barry Bobo

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As Chief Executive Officer of the City of Springtown, the Mayor performs a number of services that lend to the effective operation of the City and which contribute to the City being able to take maximum advantage of a multitude of opportunities. The Mayor is responsible for establishing an overall vision for the City of Springtown for employees and residents alike and serves as an ambassador and beacon in the realm of economic development, community development, research and technology, urban planning and historic planning.

In the arena of City government operations, the Mayor serves as the head of the administrative branch of the city government.

  • Presides over Council meetings
  • Represents the City at official and ceremonial functions
  • Creates committees and appoints members, chairs, and co-chairs
  • Maintains relationship with other governmental agencies and civic groups
  • Makes annual report on the State of the City
  • Votes as a member of the City Council

Under the Mayor-Council Act elections for the office of mayor are held every two (2) years. A candidate for mayor is required to be a qualified elector of the City, at least 25 years of age at the time of election, and shall hold no other public office.