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The Springtown Epigraph

P.O. BOX 557
Phone (817)220-7217  Fax (817)523-4457
Publisher:  Bob Buckel


Editor:  Edwin Newton

Publisher:  Bob Buckel
Office Manager:  Shirley Castor
Editor:  Edwin Newton
Ad Layout:  Helen Counts & Darla Visage
Sports Editor:  Mark Campbell 
Photo Technician: Jennifer Gayman
New Reporter: Vanessa Sanders
Ad Sales: Kim Ware  
Newsstand Delivery:  Jerry Brothers
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The Springtown Epigraph is published weekly and is available at local merchants and newsstands.

Subscription.  You may subscribe to the Springtown Epigraph by calling or faxing your request to the address or phone listed above.   As of Nov. 1, 2003 the annual subscription rates in Parker, Wise, and Tarrant counties is $ 28.50 ($ 24.50 for senior citizens over 65).  Elsewhere in Texas and outside the state is $ 34.50.

Copyright and Restrictions. The entire content of each issue of the Springtown Epigraph is protected under the Federal Copyright Act.   Reproduction of any portion of any issue will not be permitted without express permission of the publisher.

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